Pink Dot is a boutique brand-marketing agency, offering both creative development and strategic execution in select specialty sectors, including luxury lifestyle and leisure. We are a young, independent firm, producing innovative design for all digital platforms built to benefit from the new revolution in social media. Our goal is always to align business strategy with intuitive visual identity as captured by brands that are variously presented in a growing digital universe. We love what we do, and we take our work seriously.

The principals of Pink Dot are part of the fabric that is the social media community both as active participants and as designer/suppliers. The rush to innovate while keeping brands clearly understood and fully accessible are challenges we welcome in helping our clients meet the new expectations of a digital world.  Our aim is to produce excellence that delivers results, always trying to find new ways to break out and lead with thoughtful, functional design. In our view, the congestion of the digital world is overcome best with direct design approaches that shine in their simplicity.

We are a small team, reaching out to include specialized skills as our designs and your needs demand. We stay abreast of market trends and industry news, delivering expert design and brand communications that capture the world around us in a manner that effectively positions your brand. So, enjoy a fresh perspective that guarantees a smart but sensitive approach. Let us consider your problem and together we will create an opportunity.

Pint Dot prides itself on its passion and allows it to define us. We are free thinkers, art lovers, blow minders (yes, we love to play with words), coffee drinkers, right and left brainers.  It would be our pleasure to work with you and create something memorable.